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Key material for secure things

This article contains all required information to encrypt a message (before sending to me) and to check a digital signature (signed by me). For people who knows how things work this topic does not require further explanations.

end of TL;DR so now go and read…

If you don’t understand how these things work do not try to encrypt or check anything. You will certainly end up having only a false feeling that your message got encrypted correctly and securely and that way even my mother can (and will) read your “encrypted” message and starts to spread the rumour everywhere.

OpenPGP (easier to adopt)

On-line token (not too secure)

pub  2048R/70562D3F 2018-12-27 Juho Tykkala (on-line token) <>

Off-line token (a bit more secure)

pub  3072R/6BF9DF93 2018-12-27 Juho Tykkala (off-line token) <>

ECC off-line token (paranoid level)

curve: brainpoolP256r1

-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

FINeID (Finland level)

145927872  1005124922  3BE8FD3A  VRK Gov. CA for Citizen Certificates - G3