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The Blog of Juho

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Lenovo ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 dock on Debian Linux

With these instructions you are able to make Lenovo ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 dock work on Debian Linux still maintaining Thunderbolt Security settings turned on in bios.

written on 2018-02-17


Hieman kommunikointitavoistani

Tämä niille, jotka ovat kokeneet, ettei minuun onnistu saamaan puhelimen kautta yhteyttä.

written on 2017-12-09


SpamAssassin and Finnish language

Just wanted to share some useful spam preventing rules matching Finnish language.

written on 2017-07-25


Pulseaudio and latency

If you are a Linux enthusiast and are playing fps games or record audio of some musical instrument then you have probably encountered issues with Pulseaudio latency.

This blog post describes how to live with and manage Pulseaudio latency problems. For fast answer scroll directly to chapter Positive effect on latency as bellow is some leading information about Linux sound architecture

written on 2017-02-05


Randomness in Linux

Majority of web pages and blog posts (1) I’ve read suggests to use /dev/urandom.

I would say this generalization should never be made.

Doing random things on purpose is very difficult. Especially with electronics. Things may appear fully random but often are not in fact. Still randomness is key part in important practices like cryptography. Thus it is important to understand terms random and randomness.

written on 2017-01-07